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Warehouse robots that can talk to each other and collaborate

Locus Robotics has launched Locus Robotics Advanced Navigation (LRAN) which enables multi-robot warehouse fulfilment for retailers and 3PL providers. The aim is for machines and humans to work together in busy, complex environments.

CEO of Locus Robotics Rick Faulk said: “Until now, it was challenging to have multiple robots operate in a coordinated fashion in a warehouse environment. With our new Locus Robotics Advanced Navigation (LRAN) system, we can support large numbers of robots operating seamlessly and collaboratively alongside workers in a warehouse.”

The LRAN software has been already deployed to a number of sites through Locus’s automatic cloud distribution system and, says the company, customers have already noted immediate improvements in navigational accuracy and pick performance rates.

Co-founder and president of Locus Mike Johnson said: “Warehouses are often congested spaces, densely packed with merchandise, transport equipment, and personnel. The ability to have many robots moving through the warehouse without impacting traffic flow represents a significant leap forward in warehouse productivity.”