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TPL Vision has a clear and bright vision of its future

And founder Guillaume Mazeaud tells MVPro Magazine what it is.

TPL Vision, the international provider of illumination for machine vision, sets out its stall out right from the start. It declares that it works only with machine vision specialists, directly with integrators, or machine builders, and not through a distribution network.

Guillaume Mazeaud

Guillaume Mazeaud

The company was created in 2005 by Guillaume Mazeaud and designs, and manufactures, LED illumination products for industrial processes in which a machine vision camera is used. The focus is on specialized robotics applications, such as sorting, pick and place, quality control and code reading.

As to why the company does not work with distributors, the answer, says Mazeaud, is simple enough: “We don’t use distributors when they don’t have any knowledge about machine vision in general, and illumination knowledge in particular. We like to work direct with Integrators as we can get an unfiltered feedback from them and give them the fastest and most efficient service.”

The company is best known for its EBAR range of backlights, including the four versions of the EBAR+. This is a high-power LED light which is very suited to machine vision applications requiring intense luminous flux.

Mazeaud sums up the range: “Our EBAR range is very popular because it’s basically IP65, very bright and you can get any part number from 2500 delivered under five days, then it’s like ordering from a Chinese menu, you create the product you need.”

A new range of innovative products which the company is bringing to the market this year includes the optical trigger and modular ring light.

The optical trigger is described by the company as a very ingenious tool that saves time in a customer integration exercise. Any camera with built-in illumination can now easily communicate with TPL Vision lights without the need for wiring. By placing the optical trigger in front of the camera, as soon as the built-in illumination of the camera turns on, it automatically switches the external lighting on synchronously.

The modular ring light addresses customer’s desire for design simplification of their lighting inventory by introducing four lighting methods and two colours from one product. Furthermore, the customer can select control of the ring’s illuminating sectors to give yet more versatility. Control is via an on-board keyboard or the PLC/SPS control connector to get full remote access.  As with all TPL Vision’s products, it is “Plug & Light” –  no external controller required! The customer simply connects their 24VDC power supply to turn on the light and can then chose the most appropriate illumination method.

The company is expecting big things from the rapidly expanding robotics sector and, as well its existing market in Europe, is busily developing in the US and Asia. It’s opening a new facility near Boston soon which will support the US market directly. It is also targeting Asia and has already settled on a location in Hong Kong in anticipation of developing a market share in the region.

Mazeaud, who owns the company without any major shareholders, is tight lipped about the challenges for the machine market going forward, saying it’s a ‘trade secret’, but on the subject of opportunities for the future, he says: “There are plenty. Machine vision is no longer reserved to automated factories. UV, multi spectral imaging, 3D and AI, all open a large spectre of applications.”

Mazeaud expects that his company will continue illuminating the global machine vision and robotics markets for some years to come.

TPL Vision

(picture above: a modular ring light)

Check out a video from the company: