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Major Update to Dot-Matrix OCR Tool from Matrox

Matrox Imaging has issued a major update to its dot-matrix OCR tool, SureDotOCR, which brings with it optimizations that improve both reading speed and robustness.

It is available to MIL 10 Users and reads two times faster than before. This translates to a speed of over 2000 ppm when using an Intel Core i5-6500TE platform. In certain circumstances, read speeds have been increased by up to four times what was previously possible.

Pierantonio Boriero, Director of Product Management, Matrox Imaging said: “Matrox SureDotOCR has been available for a little over one year and in that time has become a disruptive force in in the world of industrial OCR. SureDotOCR gives companies a tool which they can trust for tracking and tracing of the human-readable text produced by dot matrix printers—the most common printing technology in use today. With the enhancements provided by this update, SureDotOCR will prove to be essential anywhere reading of dot-matrix text is required.”

It is targeted at those looking to provide dependable tracking and tracing in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.